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Many of you who know her work will not be surprised at the universal appeal of her material. Her book is … deeply respectful of the knowledge and traditions of Vedic India, but infused with the spirit of thoughtful inquiry.

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Her observations are original, her approach, inventive, and her research is scrupulously executed. With In Search of Destiny , Edith Hathaway pulls together a wide array of astrological research to reconstruct dramatically our understanding of the human experience through providing astrological context. An astute and highly respected Vedic astrologer , Hathaway successfully reveals the mysterious astrological thread behind the evolution of modern culture by applying astrological symbol to the study of history, politics, and the arts.

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When seen through the astrological lens, our collective experience gains depth and meaning, adding the missing link to more conventional interpretations of human events. It is a narrative of individual dharma woven in the context of collective destiny.

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Above all this is a book that explores and measures time. Edith starts her exploration of time with the classic Hindu concepts of the smallest amount of time, a prana consisting of 4 seconds, to vast Maha Yugas , lasting hundreds of thousands of years.

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Careful documentation of sources and painstaking attention to the accuracy of historical details add to the academic excellence of the volume. What I write about this book does little justice to the extraordinary lengths she has gone to put some brilliant ideas into her path-breaking work.

1. An Introduction to Vedic Astrology

But it cast a brief pall over the celebrations. The words are presented on this webpage but you can also download this copyrighted material as a word document , or as a pdf file 34 pages. Jupiter is generally protective on the Ascendant, especially in the sign it rules. View on Mobile. But problems underlie this otherwise excellent yoga, as debilitated natal Moon is both sign lord of Saturn and nakshatra lord of Venus.

These periods spread over 60 to years are, according to her findings, of great significance impacting and changing the color and course of trends. She correlates major historical events of Europe, the Americas and the European colonies to the mutation periods in support of her hypothesis. And with the individual biographies she continually brings us back to this larger picture.

If this art is extended to understand why what has happened happened, through a study of historical figures, a superfine insight is brought into play.

We astrologers do this in fragments while Ms. This means they are already starting to come to terms with the fatalistic nature of Vedic astrology before they begin to study it. If you are the sort of gentle reader who cannot wrap your brain around pre-ordained fate, and must believe in free will to maintain your sanity, Vedic astrology is going to hurt. Assuming that you are certain of your birth time, the easiest thing to do is to spend some money for a complete analysis of your Vedic chart, including your dasas , or major planetary periods.

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You should do this around the time you buy your first book, and start exploring online resources. You will be able to refer to your report as you read, and you can hand-check the calculations from your Western horoscope to make sure they are correct this article will show you how to do this.

Sahaja Bhava – The 3rd house of Vedic Astrology

Here is the link. A full report will contain interpretation of well-known yogas, and may even throw in a few obscure ones. Learn how Vedic astrology works. Learn as much as you can about all 27 nakshatras Vedic Moon signs 3. You can even estimate your planetary dasas covered later in this series.

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If you have access to western astrology software such as Solar Fire, you can calculate a rasi, a navamsa, and other divisional charts. These charts are done on western-style chart wheels, so they will not look like Vedic charts.

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