Sagittarius rising compatibility with sagittarius rising

Sagittarius Rising

PISCES: calm voice of reason, is able to chill me out really easily somehow, my necessary counterpart. Aries: Someone with Libra qualities who is nice, polite, charming, with good manners, relatable, and knows how to socialize. Taurus: Someone with Scorpio qualities who is intense, mysterious, quiet, thoughtful, passionate, and sarcastic. Gemini: Someone with Sagittarius qualities who is outgoing, full of live, funny, joyful, philosophical, optimistic, and rather blunt but honest.

Cancer: Someone with Capricorn qualities who is hard working, responsible, rigid, focused, trustworthy, down-to-earth, and successful. Leo: Someone with Aquarius qualities who is friendly, open to ideas, unique, easy to work with, and eager to share but is slightly distant.

Sagittarius Rising Sign Personality Traits

Sagittarius Rising Compatibility: Aries, Leo Sagittarius Rising Celebrities: Lady Diana, Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, Bruce Lee, Goldie Hawn, Coco Chanel, Boris. There is an unmistakable faith and enthusiasm with Sagittarius rising people. Grand schemes Sagittarius rising people have opinions about everything, and they just love telling others exactly what they are. Not all . Love Sign Compatibility.

Virgo: Somone with Pisces qualities who is kind, sympathetic, dreamy, imaginative, compassionate, selfless, and reliable. Libra: Someone with Aries qualities who is sweet, spontaneous, full of energy, enthusiastic, a go-getter, and headstrong. Scorpio: Someone with Taurus qualities steady, patient, thorough, deep, with a love of nature, and has a sense of security.

Sagittarius: Someone with Gemini qualities who is social, curious, witty, smart, helpful, logical, and easy to talk to. Capricorn: Someone with Cancer qualities who is protective but sensitive, dependable, caring, full of warmth, and always ready to listen. Aquarius: Someone with Leo qualities who is lovable, a leader, generous, playful, confident, full of courage, and affectionate.

Pisces: Someone with Virgo qualities who is helpful, somewhat serious, organized, honest, shy, and structured. Leo: I know you hate being told what to do, but sometimes it works out in your favor. You are beautiful and inspiring with what you do. You are so brilliant and smart. LEO: you are the most selfless people and you never let others stop you from what you want. Your independency can be intimidating for others but you are so tough. You are a natural leader. Strong, proud and beautiful.

Your Descendant is Sagittarius?

VIRGO: you are organized and amazing and no one can step in your way from achievement. You are cute and respectable and people adore you. You have such an amazing sense of humor and you should tell yourself that. You deserve so much.

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LIBRA: you are such a dreamy person. You are beautiful and your eyes tell stories. You are kind and people always soak you up in a good way. Your bright smile tells people that they are welcome in your life. You are amazing!! You are so caring and always there for everyone.

People aspire to be like you, always remember that. Although this can be true, you care so deeply for the people that you are close to. No one will ever tell you how to live your life and that is great. You are so tough because you can handle every single obstacle that is put in your way. You are unique and constantly inspire people to be amazing. Always curious and ask questions. Libra : Lovely! They are the ones that are calm yet social. They are easy to make contact with others and are very charming in the way they do it.

Best manners, a soft speaking voice even men , always try to look good. Love to flatter others and get that in return. Aquarius : Very friendly but they keep their distance from people. Not afraid to socialize but they prefer not to. Could isolate themselves from the crowds and do their own thing. Their style is very eccentric or they wear dark clothes. Fall in love with the fire in Aries, the stubbornness of Taurus, the intelligence of Gemini and comfort of Cancer. Hi team, this is a request from one of our lovely anons.

Sagittarius Ascendent- The Seeker (Natal Sagittarius Rising)

This is also another really big topic. They also make great designers! Those scowly faces will drive fear into the hearts of others. As someone with a lot of mutable influence, I get bored of things after a while and change interests very quickly. So I have to act like a basic bitch to be considered real now. Aries pros: quick mind that is full of fun ideas. Taurus pros: approaches life and situations with patience and dedication.

Keep reading. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Show more notes. Who the signs are drawn to and who they attract ascendant to descendant. Aries Rising pros: quick mind that is full of fun ideas. First of all, it can always be hard and confusing, especially if someone has planets in 1st House. People either adore them or dislike them from the start. Likes attention, could seem child-like competitive, pout when someone does something better than them Leo rising : Very charming and have a warm presence.

Water risings: A lot quieter than the rest, can even appear shy. Could appear isolated and distant, even lost. Earth risings : Have something very calming about them. The types to always appear composed, no matter what the situations is. Born in a dysfunctional family, such a woman easily leaves her former life, achieving success in her career.

Your Descendant is Sagittarius, Your Ascendant is in Gemini

A distinctive feature of representatives of the ascendant of Sagittarius is the ability to control the situation. They have a well-developed self-preservation instinct.

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For representatives of the fair sex with the ascendant in the sign of Sagittarius is characterized by a frequent change of mood. They are impulsive and quick-tempered. But at the same time, they quickly depart. They have a need for freedom. In its absence, they begin to rebel, which does not lead to good. In life situations, Sagittarius is often helped by intuition. They know it, and they use it successfully. In the family, this type is by no means always happy, as the woman puts the career interests above all, which can affect relations with the spouse.

Despite the ability to master the situation, women of this type can not withhold money. She radiates joy and optimism, if the Ascendant in Sagittarius is a woman. Restless and self-willed nature, before which there are no barriers and insoluble situations.

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A born enthusiast who is always on the move and business. Men adore her restless character, and also the fact that you can talk to her about everything in the world.