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Neptune is in its own sign of Pisces, a transit that only occurs every years. Neptune rules Pisces and also rules the deepest realms of the subconscious mind. The oceanic vibration of love is flowing with a deeper and higher frequency. Our human mission is to flow with it. Art, music and science are enhanced with the progress of this residence. The blue hair we see these days is very Neptune in Pisces. Neptune enters Aries on March 30th Pluto is now direct in Capricorn. This is the 'serious zone'. The following astrological heavyweight event, later on in , is the 'Grand Conjunction' of Jupiter and Saturn at the start of Aquarius occurring on the Winter Solstice of that year, beckoning to a healthier 'New Age Feeling' just a little way beyond.

Pluto enters Aquarius on March 23rd The next lunar eclipse in a penumbral lunar eclipse at 20 Cancer opposite Mercury on Jan 10th Not the easiest of days, especially the morning GMT. Mars square Pluto and Venus quincunx Uranus spells trouble. The Moon is then void of course for over 8 hours. As today's Mars square aspect slowly subsides be aware that astrological waves and astronomical events are approaching from Friday this week for 6 days.

Gaze onward constant reader. Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Pisces, a deep watery emotional couple of days. A time maybe to find faith and following. The GMT day starts in the midst of a Watery Grand Trine manifest in the sky, involving the Moon, her node and the Sun from yesterday to today. A good blending of emotion, will and fortune. Another deep, intense and emotionally motivated day with the combination of the Sun in Scorpio and the Moon in Pisces. Retrograde Mercury, now in his most difficult phase as he approaches Inferior Conjunction, makes minor aspects today to Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, representing 'fine tunings' and reassessments of perceived changes ahead.

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To be in tune with the cosmos, understand that this is a time for taking stock, reviewing the situation and biding your time, not a time to push ahead with new ideas and plans. We are midway between the Libran Equinox and the Capricorn Solstice. In the southern hemisphere it is the start of early summer. In the north we commence the darkest three months of the year and with this, the season of 'fading'. Seasons they change.

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From today for 6 days we are in line for a series of astrological and astronomical hits. An eventful week is ahead of us. Firstly today Saturn is on the midpoint of the Sun trine Neptune, this is an planetary picture of great inspiration and reverence. Saturn is exactly sextile Neptune tomorrow, Saturday 9th, for the final time. On Thursday Nov 14th Venus squares Neptune.

This cluster of aspects dictates a series of stimuli, largely of a personal nature, to which we have to respond. The Moon is then void of course for just over Jan 31st, June 18th and Nov 9th.

Daily Astrology Horoscope: February 13 - Attention! Mars Conjunctionction Uranus!

Sea changes of faith, science and government were what I forecast at the start of the year because of this aspect. It reaches its conclusion today.

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Leo season is comng in strong as the Sun and Mars march through the 5th sign, and Venus enters Leo on July So I get to look beneath that Mirror for the little man behind the curtain. Search the Archives. Mercury also governs the mind. The Moon is dark, the time of the month to draw inward. Under the hard aspects, you may be entrusted with a high-stakes responsibility that you feel is just beyond your abilities to properly handle. This slow-moving conjunction between Pluto and Saturn last occurred 37 years ago in Libra, and a new cycle will begin in January as they connect in Capricorn.

Saturn is conjunct Neptune in February at one degree Aries. A fiercely competitive day is at hand. Mercury transits the Sun on Monday. On Wednesday Saturn is exactly on the midpoint of retro-Mercury trine Neptune. Lots of 'astrological ripples' are ahead of us.

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This is a minor aspect in the 44 year cycle of these two planets. The first was on Christmas day , the second was June 30th The cycle symbolising 'spiritual strength', started in in Sagittarius, climaxed from to across Virgo Pisces, is at 'last quarter aspect' in from Aquarius to Taurus, and ends in in late Gemini.

The waning tri-decile aspect prepares the way for the crisis of the last quarter phase in 2 years time. Lunar pressures are rising. The Moon is then void for 9 hours. The transit of Mercury is tomorrow.

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November 11th Transit of Mercury over the disc of the Sun. This rare transit of Mercury across the face of the Sun is visible from the UK today. Never look directly at the Sun without proper eye protection.

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You can seriously hurt your eyes and even go blind. Mercury starts to move across the face of the Sun just after pm and continues throughout the afternoon, leaving the disc after sunset as seen from the UK. There is an Inferior conjunction of Mercury every days on average, 3 times a year. This is the synodic period of Mercury relative to the earth. Each Inferior Conjunction is a 'solar impregnation of the universal mind', a 'new chapter in the story', a new 'seed idea', a 'new Mercury'. Like all conceptions the event is hidden at first, the outcomes are brought to awareness and consciousness later.

There are 40 such inferior conjunctions of Mercury in between today's transit and the transit. A transit of Mercury is a solar eclipse of sorts. It increases the import of the conjunction. It can be imagined to be the start of a 'new volume', a large volume in today's case. The almost Full Moon is now accelerating in Taurus. A 'deep roots day' is in store, go gently and dont push too hard. A planetary trapezium is manifest at this time, Moon, Mercury, Saturn and Neptune. This is a powerful Full Moon. We are now making an approach to a new eclipse season. The Full Moon in Taurus is trine Pluto.

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Any changes it brings are for the better. Mars is sextile Jupiter, retrograde 'morning star' Mercury sextiles Saturn and trines Neptune. This is all favorable.

Saturday 2nd November 12222

Planets in Earth and Water signs predominate. This lunation is powerfully steady, resounding and secure. Mercury goes direct at Advice: review, revise, repair, and renew. Hmmm…sounds as if I should go over my notes for my Chinese seminars very carefully before presenting them! March 6: New Moon at Those places prone to rain and snow at this time of year will certainly have huge downpours and so will even some places who usually do not get rain or snow at this time of year.