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I don't listen to one sided story. I am a taurus rabbit woman. Fried rice Im a pisces rabbit and ive never met a single taurus rabbit. I dont think im having that disorder because when laziness strikes I let my things go mess Lg I'm a Taurus rabbit most of it is true except for the fact I am a complete mess when it comes to being neat tidy lol.

What chance of success do I have? Cheers from Australia. Vino Blizz i am live for 28 years as taurus rabbit since Kimmie Exactly! Do not approach directly, you may get the horn not the fur. Maria Yes!

Queteepye I agree with rahm but once she smokes a little she will keep the house clean I promise I swear it's just a little add going on maryjane. Just a little.

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Rahm I've been married to this unique combination for over 27 years. This woman is open, honest and one of the most caring and nurturing mothering types to our children I've ever met.

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Clearly you got it wrong! Shes not a neat freak, but actually just the opposite.

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Tried the stay at home mom routine for 3 separate time periods. A complete disaster. She won't lift a finger to pick up after herself and becomes passively stubborn and more self indulgent when the behavior is spoken of or when asked to pick up her items that everyone is tripping over. Heck, I even hired multiple outside house cleaners to combat her mess and every service quit because they couldn't keep up with her.

She actually became even more untidy and messy. Loves to spend without regard to future needs and will attempt to hide or destroy any evidence of her purchases or spending. A true dust making bunny hoarder.

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Career wise she is a minimalist. Kept saying she wanted to complete her degree but wouldn't do anything to turn it into reality. I literally had to leave the area with our children to eliminate every possible self defeating excuse she'd use. She did complete her associates degree but refuses to advance any further. Funny though, the heart wants what the heart wants and I've excepted her as she is. Clearly the amount of goodness, greatness, loyalty, commitment, compassion and love within her outweighs any insignificant perceived frustration, shortcoming or flaw.

And let's be truthful, I've got my own issues that she has to deal with being a high strung overachiever, at times overreacting, perfectionist Gemini Rat It's true Opposites Do Attract.

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Kayla I'm a Taurus Rabbit. Max I am Taurus rabbit too, gosh.. So true and exactly mentioned.

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Someone I am a taurus rabbit too, and this sounds very true. I'm not naturally tidy I hate tidying up , but I do have my own system in everything with pretty often seems like a mess for others. Thank you!

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Log In Sign In. You are not going to be able to focus on work and this will impede the progress of your career. The Chinese have divided time differently from us. The ox is determined, rational, and honorable. Alligators win by outsmarting the competition and using Capricorn's patience along with the Snake's strategic mastery to strike when and where no one is expecting. Possessing all the ingenuity and intuitive power of the Snake nature, this personality has the added dynamism and temper associated with the fiery element.

I think it's true in western and chinese that taurus rabbits are balanced positive and caring people who have a lot of empathy. My sister and best friend are both taurus rabbits and are the two most honest giving thoughtful and selfless people I know. Rach Not many people will understand their concern. To be very balanced and considerate, may upset some others. Kotomichann This is very very very true. I am a Taurus Rabbit and I have no disagreements on this subject. Your name:. Horoscope Daily Horoscope Well Click on your Zodiac sign and get daily forecast. Aries Daily Horoscope Today Tomorrow.

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope Today Tomorrow. Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today Tomorrow. Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Tomorrow. I guess she is dating me because she loves big carrots, news travel fast lol :P I can not blame her she is a bunny No I am joking lol, she is dating me for the money, or may be both who knows LOL [Reply] [Cancel reply]. Socially, they are liked for their humane qualities and appreciated for their principles. They rarely do something alone or out of their own initiative. Also, health-wise things are going great, however, there is a risk of some accidents, so your attention should be increased in this regards.

Lucky colors in for the Rabbit natives: blue turquoise, red carmine elements — Water and Fire , but also green.

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A worrisome life is the end goal of the Taurus Rabbit, an individual of great Most compatible with: Cancer Dog, Pisces Ram, Cancer Pig, Scorpio Dog, Virgo Dog. Key Traits of the Fire Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Sign. Taurus Rabbit — Personality & Traits in Combined Horoscope. Chinese and Western Signs Combination in Astrology: Love & Relationship, Career & Goals.

What to wear : Green, blue or purple outfits are recommended for the Rabbit natives to wear in the evening between the years. Accessorize your clothes with massive bracelets, and luck will not be missing from your life. The Fire Rabbit can continue both their professional and personal lives at high levels. If they want to and if they have projects, they manage to gather around them a group of people together with whom they could obtain remarkable professional results.

Some problems or the desire to change or improve their living condition may appear. Those that are retired think about and even manage to move to the country side or to a place they are fond of.

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They get involved into an intense activity next to younger members of their families. Those that are alone decide to actually get together with someone they have recently met. They are attracted by the idea of being more actively involved in the events organized by their communities. Those with a more active nature even receive invitations and opportunities to continue their professional activity.

The Earth Rabbits have good chances regarding their social lives and this also means receiving or getting some administration positions. They are popular and they manage to get support from people of various social statuses or orientations. They are making long term plans because they feel they have maximum strength and they also have a vast experience. The part which could be more sensitive is represented by the spending they would have to do in order to fulfil their dreams.

However, it cannot be said that they are going to be promoted by default; they must express their desire of occupying those free positions. The Water Rabbits have great communication and persuasion skills and they are open towards social relationships. Their popularity and persistence, together with the favorable influence of the year of the pig , could bring upon them the closeness and the support of people in higher positions. They start thinking about ambitious plans.