Avasthas of planets vedic astrology

States of Dignities of Planets

The closer, degree-wise, the aspecting friend, the stronger aspect, the more support the planet gains.

Deepta or Exaltation

By Ryan Kurczak on October 19, July 12, at am. Question 1. May 2, at am. Hello V. Yet if malefics like Rahu transit this nakshatra in their own MD or AD, they will cause some problems.

Planet joined by Jupiter — Jupiter, being the most benefic planet, always supports the Graha that it joins. The stronger Jupiter, the more support it grants to conjunct planet. As Mudita Avastha is one of the positive states, it shows that planet will be able to fulfil its role, if there are no other negative avastha impacts on Mudita Avastha planet.

Kshobhita Avastha. It makes the conjunct planet feels agitated or frustrated as it is unable to perform its role due to being burnt off.

Strength of Planets – Characteristics And Influence On Modern​ Lives

Planet aspected by enemy malefic planet — If a planet gets an aspect of enemy malefic planet, it causes Kshobhita Avastha. As we can see that there are so many Avasthas, both good and bad, and a chart will have many of them together.

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Like, if I think of my own chart then I think I have 5 out of 6 avasthas stated above. Positive Avasthas will help the planet to accomplish its goals and negative avasthas will restrict the results. In Astrology, nothing cancels anything and everything is in addition. So, everything in Astrology should be read in its entirety, rather than in the most micro manner. One planetary placement never gives any result. Hope this helps. Please feel free to post comment or query, if any. Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer.

Dignity of Planets (Part Dos) | The Art of Vedic Astrology

Mob - Close Subscribe. Leave a comment. Kshobhita - Yuti with sun or aspected by sun or associated with maleffic and no beneffic dristi. Dipta - When planets is in its exaltation rasi Svastha - When a planet is in own rasi Mudita - When a planet is in great friend rasi Santa - When a planet is in friendly rasi Dina - When a planet is in netrual rasi Dukhita - When a planet is in enemy rasi Vikala - When a planet is associated with maleffic planet Khala - When a planet is in great enemy rasi Kopa - When a planet is closely combusted.

Sayanadi avastha is the most complicated method to study always. There is a mathematical calculation we should know before we know the effects of sayanadi avastha of planets.

Degree/ Strength of Planets in Astrology

Which I am discussing below. Using the resulting number as the avastha index and referring to table given above, we find out the avastha of the planet. We divide the sum by 3 and take the remainder. This gives the strength of the activity.


Avastha in Sanskrit means status or state. Hindu astrology has evolved methods for a) The basic planetary avasthas are Bala, Kumara, Yuva, Vriddha and Mritya. A planet in Bala avastha is of . Elements of Vedic Astrology. Institute of Vedic. Hindu Jyotish Astrology/Vedic Astrology Reading and Consultation, Vedic This avastha reflects the status or the dignity of the planets and.

A debilitated Jupiter although with a Neecha Bhanga as Mars is in a Kendra from Lagna in the 7th house does not help his behaviour with women. He is also in Balavastha, however placed with his enemy Rasi with Sun and Mars. He is therefore Dukhita, Vikala, Kopa and Kshudita hungry making him very agitated, angry and mentally restless.


The guna exhibited will be adhama not very conducive for the society. The placement of Rahu with Mars is not very fortunate signifying massive blockages. Kuja Stambhana Yoga. Nevertheless the guna here is Uttama as he is in in Mulatrikona rasi. Sun is exalted therefore Jagrit and Deepta, however it is also modified by the presence of its enemy Venus and malefics such as Rahu and Mars. This is condition is described as Lajjita.


This would have made him a little less god fearing and lose his sense of discrimination. All of them wiped out his 10th house. Ultimately the same Raja yogas that promised him success and fame brought his downfall. Mars and Rahu combination in Ashwini brought some unsavoury actions and connections. Mars and Venus initially brought him a lot of wealth and fame but could not be sustained.

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The dhana yoga promised by association of Sun and Venus is not fully lost. He is still wealthy. As Venus is the only planet that is in Yuvaavastha where the results will be experienced fully.

Venus is also the Badhaka lord. Further analysis of the shayanadi, states that the Moon is in Agamavastha Two wives, wicked and stubborn , which is not very auspicious. As the Cheshta is Dhrishti, the effects will be reduced. So his conditions should improve and if he does serious remedies especially for the conjunction of Mars and Rahu there will be more chances to rise again in the Mars Maha dasha. This is Pravrajya yoga so emancipation is possible.

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