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Libra Weekly Horoscope.

You may be of two minds starting Monday, December 2, when global citizen Jupiter leaves its home sign of Sagittarius after spending a year in your venturesome third house and resettles in Capricorn and your zone of home and family until December 19, And yet…since Jupiter expands anything it touches, you might be feeling extra sentimental and domestic at the same time.

Big adventure or cashmere throw and bunny slippers?

Libra Weekly Horoscope 4 - 10 December, 12222

Libra Weekly Horoscope swings into Capricorn on December 2 for just over a year, staying until December 19, . Off Days: 18, 9. Libra. Your Libra weekly horoscope and sun sign astrology forecast by The AstroTwins, in Capricorn and your zone of home and family until December 19,

Tough call, Libra! Since Jupiter is trekking through this zone for most of , there will be plenty of time—and ample opportunities—to do it all! The Internet is your best friend for finding apartment swaps with people in bucket-list destinations—or maybe, with all your far-flung friends, you could arrange that through your very own social network.

Jupiter in your home zone always inspires you to make significant changes around Chateau Libra, perhaps turning an unused room or hallway into a studio or yoga space or even to Airbnb it for extra cash. That can be scary, Libra! The beauty of this game-changing eclipse? Considering a move to a new address or town? The eclipse could bring an unexpected opportunity to relocate or buy a home. Stay open! The December 27 Sun-Jupiter conjunction—consided the luckiest day of the year by man y astrologers—could reveal that dream address or, for Libras of the parenting set, pregnancy news.

The year closes out with Capricorn in heavy rotation—the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn AND Pluto are all here—which might make a house party or a cozy private gathering your ideal way to usher in Munch on a crudite platter and mocktails—or head to a candlelight yoga class where you can ring in in savasana. Being surrounded by your loved ones could be an especially sweet way to end Take a moment to appreciate those bonds and let your supportive folks know just how much they mean to you. Bring on the holly-jollies!

For much of the month until December 20 , your cosmic ruler, amorous Venus, is nestled in earthy Capricorn and your domestic quarters, making the holiday season extra cozy and comfy. For Libras who enjoy entertaining, December is perfect for house parties, family gatherings and reunions with dear old friends. During this Venus cycle, bonding will most likely ensue! Whether you live together or on your own, this is an appropriate time to redecorate your home, perhaps with the intention to make it more hospitable to you as a couple. One thing to NOT succumb to is the pressure to jump into or intensify a relationship.

Stay alert though: Couples may argue about money or feel the weightiness of work deadlines cutting into your precious personal time. You could be logging such late hours that when you get finally get home, you utterly crash. Effective immediately, fun with your favorite people supersedes everything.

Key Dates: December Venus-Saturn meetup Under this mashup of the love planet and structured Saturn, you could reach an emotional turning point. Are you suddenly craving children? More space—or more commitment? Could home be your new headquarters?

On December 2, lucky and enterprising Jupiter starts a month visit to Capricorn, joining businesslike Saturn and power-player Pluto in your domestic fourth house. If there was ever a time to kick off a cottage industry or open that Etsy shop, this is it! But even if you love your day job, a couple of remote-office days no commute, thanks!

In the coming months, keep your Spidey senses tuned to a possible real estate investment, possibly a rental property or a place you could Airbnb for extra cash. A family member might even become your new business partner.

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Female born June But you use this strategy to test the ground and to choose the right partner, among the multitude of existing possibilities. Let go of your grudges. Meeting someone new at this time would feel intensely karmic and could be a life-changing event. However, in the year , Libra moon sign natives are going to be more manipulative than emotional. Therefore, a good idea would be to learn how to be more moderate. Read on to find out exactly how the astrology shapes the year for you on love, career and money matters.

This idea is especially energized by the rare Jupiter-Uranus trine on December 15, a day when said relative might chip in or invest. The December 26 Capricorn solar eclipse could also bring a surprising new development involving home or family. Pro tip: Keep a handle on that holiday spending, Libra. Work can be demanding with long hours and short deadlines—not exactly conveniently timed. One of the best days for festivities—and networking—arrives at the December 12 Gemini full moon. Time to pull out that sequined jewel-toned scarf…or whatever your preferred bling may be. Got a virtual project to launch?

You never know who in your social stratosphere could have exactly what you need!

Yearly Love Horoscope: 2020 Love Guide for Libra

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